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Getting to Know

YAMADA Consulting & Spire


Yamada Consulting & Spire ("YCST") is a management consulting, Research firm. and Advisory firm under the parent company YAMADA Consulting & Spire Pte. (Y&S) in Singapore.
YAMADA Consulting & Spire Pte. (Y&S) in Singapore is under YAMADA Consulting Group ("YCG") with headquarters in Tokyo Japan.

YAMADA Consulting Group ("YCG") has a history of more than 35 years and focuses on business and financial consulting. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), real estate consulting Personnel and education area.
In 2016, YCG acquired of the renowned Research Singaporean company Spire Research and Consulting Pte. (Spire)

■ History of YAMADA Consulting Group (YCG) 

1989 - Established Tokyo Financial Planners Co.,Ltd.
2000 - Established Tokyo Financial Planners went public on Osaka Stock Exchange.
2011 - YCG Singapore Branch was established.
2012 - YCG Shanghai office was established.
2016 - YCG acquired Spire Research and Consulting Pte.
2016 - YCG Bangkok office was set up. , "YBC & Spire (Thailand)"
2018 - YCG Japan became an operating holding company
2018 - YCG USA office was founded.
2018 - YCG Vietnam office was founded.
2019 - YCG's shares were listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange(TSE) 1st Section
2022 - Transferred YCG's Share listing to Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Section

■ About Spire Research and Consulting

2000 - Spire Research & Consulting was founded in Singapore. The company focused on highly customized market and industry research bundled with practical growth consulting.
2002 - Spire Korea was established in Seoul
2003 - Spire Indonesia was established in Jakarta
2005 - Spire China was established in Shanghai
2007 - Spire Malaysia was founded in Kuala Lumpur
2009 - Spire Vietnam was founded in Ho Chi Minh City
2010 - Spire India was established in Delhi
2011 - Spire crossed the 2,000 project mark, with 0ver 50 FORTUNE 500 clients
2016 - Spire joined the YCG Group
2020 - Spire MENA was founded in Dubai
2022 - Spire won the prestigious Market research agency Bronze Award at the annual Marketing Interactive Agency of the Year (AOTY)
2023 - Spire named LOCAL HERO, BAGS 3 Honors from AOTY
2024 - Spire became YAMADA Consulting & Spire (Y&S)

■ Our footprint in Thailand

2015- Set up Representative Office in Bangkok , YAMADA Business Consulting (YBC)
2016 - Spire Research and Consulting entered into a merger with YAMADA Business Consulting (YBC)
2016 - Registered as Local Thai company subsidiary , "YBC & Spire (Thailand)"
2017 - Changed the name to YAMADA Business Consulting & Spire (Thailand) Co.,ltd.
2018 - Set up YAMADA Capital Co.,Ltd. in Bangkok
2024 - Integrated with Spire Research and Consulting becoming an entity under parent company, YAMADA Consulting & Spire Pte. (Y&S) in Singapore.

Since our inception,
we have been steadfast in our mission to provide clients with unparalleled market intelligence and strategic insights.
Discover the Y&S story: one of dynamic growth, driven by innovation and our unwavering commitment to delivering value to businesses.

Our Strengths

YAMADA Consulting Group (YCG)

1. Group of 1000+ of professional consultants and experts.

Our Global Team came from dedicated professionals worldwide, we bring a wealth of expertise to every project.

2. Hands on Approach, understanding needs of our clients

Our talent and management are organized based on our services and competencies, not by geography. We work as a single team with a single vision and mission to serve you, without culture, language or expertise barriers. This approach runs across our entire organization

3. Extensive experience with solid track records

We have completed more than 2,000 projects per year, and many more are ongoing. Our work ranges from general market, customer and competitor research, to growth and M&A advisory services.

4. Service-focused and nimble organization, with a youthful, boutique and entrepreneurial spirit.

Unparalleled Japanese networks

througout 13 offices in Japan

Japan office locations

Strong Presence in Japan and Global Networks

Yamada Consulting Group (YCG) has a strong Global Networks.
With over 13 offices in Japan, 11 offices across Asia, United Arab Emirates and USA and partnerships in all region around the globe.
We have experience over 35 years in Investment Consulting and Marketing Research in various industries.
We dedicate to help our clients solving complex problems to help them fulfill their needs and reach their business goals.