We are Yamada Consulting & Spire (Thailand)

We are committed to equip you with the latest insights to navigate and grow in times of uncertainty and crisis. Our customised, in-depth strategic research is designed to fulfil your business needs at every stage using both comprehensive and quality data from our proprietary database and in-house fieldwork.

Our regional presence and experienced team of consultants are well-positioned to collect and deliver key insights across the entire business ecosystem—key stakeholders, competitors, channels as well as legal and regulatory factors.

We are your local go-to-partner at every aspect of your strategic planning process from strategy formulation to strategy execution for seamless business expansion.

Our Market Research Capability

Industry & Country Research

Our country research enables a detailed analysis of the social, political, economical and business environment on a country or city level for government relations, tax planning, or business planning. Our industry research provides a holistic overview of the sector such as the macroeconomic factors, key players and future outlook for a detailed and comprehensive view of a particular industry.

M&A Target Research

Our past M&A deals across multiple sectors enable us to identify and source for potential M&A candidates based on their intentions, potential synergies, and non-public financial data such as assets, financial performance to highlight potential downside risks.

Market Entry Research

Our detailed analysis of the industry and market, competitors, legal challenges, business obstacles, and overview of the potential business partners i.e. suppliers, distributors, alliance partners to facilitate your understanding of the market and evaluate any potential opportunities for a suitable market entry strategy.

Market Intelligence Study

Our multi-faceted analysis of the market and/or a competitive environment to deliver actionable insights on various business ecosystems such as markets, competitors and customers for an effective and successful business plan.

Market Regulation

Market Sizing and Feasibility Study

Our market feasibility study includes the total addressable market (historic and forecasted), product testing for marketability and competitiveness, and formulating of final sales target for attractive quantifiable returns on investment.

Value Chain Analysis

Our value chain analysis includes auditing and benchmarking your entire supply chain and distribution network to identify the key decision-makers and critical success factors with the ultimate goal to optimise value while retaining and managing various channel partners in the entire value chain architecture.

Our Research Publications Overview