Merger & Acquisition (M&A) / Partner Search

ASEAN is one of the fastest-growing emerging markets with increasing geostrategic importance, and Thailand is witnessing strong inbound activity as a central player in this bloc. With more than 1000 deals executed across our network and an extensive network of alliances throughout the region, YAMADA is well-positioned to support all processes related to cross-border M&A from strategic planning to deal execution and post-merger support in Thailand.

Management's Perspective

1. M&A conducted by Consulting Company

Experience in Management ConsultingWe conduct M&A while examining and verifying the ideal
theory and future prospects of “corporate” and “business”.

Experience in Business Succession ConsultingWe conduct M&A while understanding the thoughts of
management and owner as “individuals”.

Group Power

2. Combination of Various services and Staff

Yamada Consulting Group (YCG) has over 800 consultants and experts with abundant experience and expertise to serve our clients around the globe.


3. Collaboration with Financial Institution and Law Firm etc.

In the history of the Yamada group in 38 years, we have
established a strong relationship of trust with megabanks,
regional banks, securities companies, etc.

In addition, we actively collaborate with many professionals
such as law firm, accounting firm, PE fund, and have established
strong trusting relationship.

For projects that require specific industry expertise, we cooperate
with the industry key player to smoothly
complete the projects.


4. Extensive Number of Customers

YCG signs contracts with more than 2,000 customers annually
and provides consulting services.

In addition, entire Yamada Group has a history of having signed
contracts with thousands of companies, and it ispossible to
access to owners and managements of many companies.