Thailand’s Electric Vehicles Industry

Posted by Tawikarn Kingthong on 19 August 2022 12:51 am


Janejira Prangchaives

Even the COVID-19 pandemic from mid 2020 has caused huge disruptions to automobile supply chains across Thailand in the past years, the electric vehicle (EVs) industry has seen radical growth as the industry is being promoted continuously by the government.

Thailand's electric vehicles (EVs) industry has been promoted through several supporting policies by the government as well as investments to scale up the EV infrastructure in order to enhance the country to become a hub of EV production in ASEAN.

There are major trends of increasing number of automobile manufacturers in BEV market, charging stations, and R&D for more advanced batteries. This will offer a huge growth potential in Thailand’s EV Industry, but challenges still remained. Developers and investors, therefore, need to plan cautiously by collecting comprehensive information of the market.

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